How We Build Your Luxury Lodge

what goes into the build of your luxury lodge?

Our homes are built using responsibly sourced structural materials and to a specification that surpasses BS 3632 the British Standard for the manufacture of Residential Park Homes.

the production process

All our lodges are timber-framed residential buildings and we build to a fully residential standard which is suitable to live in all year round.

All our homes to be as low maintenance as possible with the very best materials. It is our policy to maintain control of every aspect of our homes which is critical to their quality and longevity and in this way we can be sure that you are getting a home which will last a lifetime and match the longevity of NHBC traditional brick built homes.

The manufacturing process begins with our industry renowned and tested “inverted truss” design chassis. The chassis’ are designed and fabricated by our BS 4872 certified engineers in accordance with the tolerances set out in COP501. The main frame is constructed of at least 6mm hot rolled steel angle to minimise deflection and therefore accommodate the structural stresses caused during transportation and siting of your home.

PVCu windows and doors are to domestic standards with internal beading for extra security. Our windows feature WHS Halo and Kommerling profiles and low emissivity insulated glass units.

The plasterboard walls gives greater fire protection, reduces sound transmission and gives the solid construction feel of a traditional home.

The internal walls are constructed with plasterboard to give a better quality finish. Our homes are decorated by hand to provide the superior final finish that you expect.

Fitted with ‘A’ grade branded appliances, luxurious fabrics and quality furnishings.

can i have an 'ECO' home?

Intelligent heating controls via a load compensating thermostat which enables the boiler to match its heat output, the heat requirement of the home, and includes the ability to programme the heating system on a 7 day / 24 hour basis. This, in conjunction with faster acting thermostatic radiator valves and improved pipework insulation, allows you to have more control over your heating system and save significantly on gas consumption.

High specification windows and doors Our standard low E windows and doors are full domestic quality. This part of our option pack replaces these windows and fully glazed doors with glazing which provides an additional considerable energy saving. Windows and glazed doors are the greatest areas of heat loss in any home and this option reduces their heat loss by a further 27%. We are also able to manufacture triple glazed windows and doors to give even greater energy savings and additionally provide an improvement in sound reduction.

Reduced water consumption dishwasher – all our kitchen appliances are ‘A’ rated and above. If you have specified an integrated dishwasher in your home we will upgrade this to a superior model which uses even less energy and water. Each full load wash cycle will reduce water consumption by 33% (5 litres). There is also a half load feature. You may wish to consider a smaller dishwasher with less place settings that will use even less energy and  water.

Continuing on the water reduction front, we can include a suite of taps for both kitchens and bathrooms which will reduce water consumption and improve performance. These are not simply taps with restrictors but taps which have been designed to ‘volumise’ the water by introducing air into the droplets. This results in less water usage whilst creating a more powerful jet of water from the taps or shower heads.

our concept

Discover our range of energy efficient home in homes and luxury lodges, that can be bespoke built to your own requirements. Available to purchase for your own land.

How do I start?

Simply contact us and speak to one of our professionals. We can arrange for you to sit down with one of our experienced industry-leading designers.

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Our goal is to help you find your dream home, let our team of experts guide you through the luxury lodge buying process.